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Title: Magnetic-field-induced instability of the cooperative paramagnetic state in ZnxCo(4-x)(OD)6Cl2
Authors: Dissanayake, SE
Chan, C
Ji, S
Lee, J
Qiu, Y
Rule, KC
Lake, B
Green, MA
Hagihala, M
Zheng, XG
Ng, TK
Lee, SH
Keywords: Magnetic fields
Quantum information
Neutron reactions
Issue Date: 29-May-2012
Publisher: American Physcical Society
Citation: Dissanayake, S. E., Chan, C., Ji, S., Lee, J., Qiu, Y., Rule, K. C., Lake, B., Green, M., Hagihala, M., Zheng, X. G., Ng, T. K., & Lee, S. H. (2012). Magnetic-field-induced instability of the cooperative paramagnetic state in ZnxCo(4-x)(OD)6Cl2. Physical Review B, 85(17), Article Number 174435. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.85.174435
Abstract: Using elastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques with and without application of an external magnetic field H, the magnetic ground states of ZnxCo(4-x)(OD)6Cl2 (x = 0,1) were studied. Our results show that for x = 0, the ground state is a magnetic long-range ordered (LRO) state where each tetrahedron forms an "umbrella"-type structure. On the other hand, for x = 1, no static ordering was observed down to 1.5 K, which resembles the behavior found in the isostructural quantum system ZnxCo(4-x)(OD)6Cl2. When H field is applied, however, the x = 1 system develops the same LRO state as x = 0. This indicates that the x = 1 disordered state is in the vicinity of the x = 0 ordered state. © 2012, American Physical Society.
Gov't Doc #: 4626
ISSN: 1098-0121
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