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dc.contributor.authorTsai, PH-
dc.contributor.authorAssadi, MHN-
dc.contributor.authorZhang, T-
dc.contributor.authorUlrich, C-
dc.contributor.authorTan, TT-
dc.contributor.authorDonelson, R-
dc.contributor.authorLi, S-
dc.identifier.citationTsai, P. H., Assadi, M. H. N., Zhang, T., Ulrich, C., Tan, T. T., Donelson, R., & Li, S. (2012). Immobilization of Na ions for substantial power factor enhancement: site-specific defect engineering in Na0.8CoO2. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116(6), 4324-4329. doi:10.1021/jp209343ven_AU
dc.description.abstractSimultaneous enhancement of the interdependent Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity has been achieved through defect engineering by doping Mg into specific sites of Na0.8CoO2. Results from thermoelectric measurement demonstrate that the power factor was substantially increased by 50% at ambient. Experimental and theoretical analyses show that the occupation of divalent Mg in the disordered Na layer immobilizes the Na ions and thus induces a long-range ordering of Na ions. This phenomenon improves the carrier mobility significantly, giving rise to the observed exotic thermoelectric performance. Moreover, it is predicted that other electronically closed-shell dopants in sodium cobaltate play a similar role in enhancing the thermoelectric conversion efficiency. © 2012, American Chemical Society.en_AU
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyen_AU
dc.subjectThermoelectric conversionen_AU
dc.subjectMagnesium ionsen_AU
dc.titleImmobilization of Na ions for substantial power factor enhancement: site-specific defect engineering in Na0.8CoO2en_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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