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Title: Superconductivity in BaTi2Sb2O with a d1 square lattice
Authors: Yajima, T
Nakano, K
Takeiri, F
Ono, T
Hosokoshi, Y
Matsushita, Y
Hester, JR
Kobayashi, Y
Kageyama, H
Keywords: Superconductivity
Organic compounds
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2012
Publisher: Physical Society of Japan
Citation: Yajima, T., Nakano, K., Takeiri, F., Ono, T., Hosokoshi, Y., Matsushita, Y., Hester, J., Kobayashi, Y., & Kageyama, H. (2012). Superconductivity in BaTi2Sb2O with a d1 square lattice. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 81(10), 103706. doi:10.1143/JPSJ.81.103706
Abstract: We prepared a new two-dimensional oxyantimonide, BaTi(2)Sb(2)O, which shows a superconducting transition at 1.2 K, representing the first superconductivity in a system with Ti(3+) (d(1)) in a square lattice. The TiO(2)Sb(4) mixed anionic coordination stabilizes a unique half-filled Ti d(xy) orbital configuration in Ti(2)O plane, which is analogous to Cu(2+) (d(9)) in the high-T(c) superconductors. A charge density wave (CDW)- or spin density wave (SDW)-like anomaly appears at 50 K, which is significantly reduced compared with 200 K for the isostructural and non-superconducting BaTi(2)As(2)O. © 2012, Physical Society of Japan
Gov't Doc #: 4574
ISSN: 0031-9015
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