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Title: T-c enhancement by aliovalent anionic substitution in superconducting BaTi2(Sb1-xSnx)2O
Authors: Nakano, K
Yajima, T
Takeiri, F
Green, MA
Hester, JR
Kobayashi, Y
Kageyama, H
Keywords: Barium
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2013
Publisher: Physical Society Japan
Citation: Nakano, K.,Yajima, T., Takeiri, F., Green, M. A., Hester, J., Kobayashi, Y., & Kageyama, H. (2013). T-c enhancement by aliovalent anionic substitution in superconducting BaTi2(Sb1-xSnx)2O. Journal of Physical Society of Japan, 82 (7), Article Number 74707. doi:10.7566/JPSJ.82.074707
Abstract: BaTi2Sb2O is a T-c = 1.2 K superconductor with a d(1) square lattice, and isovalent Bi substitution for Sb can increase its T-c to 4.6 K (BaTi2Bi2O), accompanied by the complete suppression of charge density wave (CDW) or spin density wave (SDW) transition. In the present study, we demonstrate that aliovalent Sn substitution (hole doping) also increases T-c up to 2.5 K for BaTi2(Sb0.7Sn0.3)(2)O, while suppressing CDW/SDW transition only slightly. The overall electronic phase diagram of BaTi2(Sb, Sn)(2)O is qualitatively similar to that of cation-substituted (hole-doped) (Ba,Na)Ti2Sb2O, but quantitative differences such as in T-c are observed, which is discussed in terms of Ti-Pn hybridization and chemical disorder. © 2013, Physical Society of Japan
Gov't Doc #: 5046
ISSN: 0031-9015
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