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Title: The performance of powdered ion-exchange resins.
Authors: Bull, PS
Evans, JV
Nicholson, FD
Keywords: Anions
Ion exchange materials
Issue Date: Mar-1973
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Abstract: The coating properties and ion exchange performance of powdered ion-exchange resins were examined in a small test facility. Satisfactory resin coatings were obtained with cation:anion resin ratios in the range 1:1 to 3:1 but use of a 9:1 resin ratio resulted in a high pressure drop across the coating. The 'settled resin volume proved to be a reliable guide to the coating performance of resin slurries. The ion-exchange capacity of the cation resin increased to a small extent with a decrease in sodium concentration in the influent water down to 500 μg ℓ-1. Within the ranges examined, resin ratio, resin loading and flow rate had no significant effect on cation capacity. The effect of exhaustion on the pressure drop characteristics and flocculating properties of various resin ratio's was investigated. The thermal stability of the powdered anion resin was markedly less than that quoted elsewhere for anion bead resin.
Gov't Doc #: 249
ISBN: 0642995532
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