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dc.contributor.authorQu, DD-
dc.contributor.authorLiss, KD-
dc.contributor.authorYan, K-
dc.contributor.authorReid, M-
dc.contributor.authorAlmer, JD-
dc.contributor.authorWang, Y-
dc.contributor.authorLiao, XZ-
dc.contributor.authorShen, J-
dc.identifier.citationQu, D.D., Liss, K.D., Yan, K., Reid, M., Almer, J.D., Wang, Y.B., Liao, X.Z., & Shen, J. (2011). On the atomic anisotropy of thermal expansion in bulk metallic glass. Advanced Engineering Materials, 13(9), 861-864. doi:10.1002/adem.201000349en_AU
dc.description.abstractGlass transition temperature and plastic yield strength are known to be correlated in metallic glasses. We have observed by in situ synchrotron high energy X-ray diffraction anisotropy of the thermal expansion behavior in the nearest neighbor and second nearest neighbor atomic distances in the building blocks of Zr-Cu-Ni-Al based bulk metallic glass, leading inevitably to shear. Mechanical yielding of the latter on the atomic scale leads to the glass transition and the increase of the free volume. These experimental results uncover the mechanism, how glass transition and yield strength are linked. © 2011, Wiley-Blackwell.en_AU
dc.subjectThermal expansionen_AU
dc.subjectMetallic glassesen_AU
dc.subjectX-ray diffractionen_AU
dc.titleOn the atomic anisotropy of thermal expansion in bulk metallic glassen_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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