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Title: The software package ANAELU for X-ray diffraction analysis using two-dimensional patterns
Authors: Fuentes-Montero, L
Montero-Cabrera, ME
Fuentes-Cobas, L
Keywords: X-ray diffraction
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2011
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Citation: Fuentes-Montero, L., Montero-Cabrera, M. E., & Fuentes-Cobas, L. (2011). The software package ANAELU for X-ray diffraction analysis using two-dimensional patterns. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 44(Part 1), 241-246. doi:10.1107/S0021889810048739
Abstract: A new software package for interpreting two-dimensional diffraction diagrams is presented. The application capabilities include representation of single- and polycrystal structures with an inverse pole figure treatment of texture phenomena, measurement and analysis of diffraction signals, and different approaches to the modelling of two-dimensional diffraction patterns obtained from both single-crystal and polycrystalline samples. Particular consideration is given to the effect of axially symmetric textures on two-dimensional diffraction patterns. An example showing the capabilities of the software is presented. Copyright © International Union of Crystallography
Gov't Doc #: 3815
ISSN: 0021-8898
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