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Title: Crystallographic techniques and data for transmission electron microscopy of zirconium.
Authors: Jostsons, A
Napier, JG
Issue Date: Feb-1970
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: The crystallography of hexagonal close packed metals is discussed briefly in terms of the four-axis hexagonal reference basis and the Miller-Bravais notation which are used throughout the report. Electron diffraction problems are treated with reference to the four-axis hexagonal reciprocal lattice rather than the more usual three-axis hexagonal system. Using these concepts, analysis of electron diffraction spot and Kikuchi patterns is illustrated and applied to orientation and dislocation Burgers vector determinations. Computed values of interplanar spacings, interplanar angles, angles between directions, and extinction distances for zirconium are listed.
Gov't Doc #: 444
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