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dc.contributor.authorKelly, JWen_AU
dc.identifier.citationKelly. J. W. (1967). The creep of isostatically-pressed beryllium oxide (AAEC/E176). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.-
dc.description.abstractThe creep in bending of polycrystalline isostatically-pres sed beryllium oxide has been studied in the temperature range 800°C to 1150°C for stresses up to 104 lb in the minimum creep rate was found to be linearly proportional to stress and the process was temperature — dependent with an activation energy of 100 kcal mole-1. Thus results were consistent with the Nabarro - Herring creep mechanism, the rate constant being 10-8 to 10-9 lb-1 in2 h-1. Probably the creep rate is controlled by an impurity and would be enhanced by neutron irradiation.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Atomic Energy Commissionen_AU
dc.subjectBeryllium oxides-
dc.titleThe creep of isostatically-pressed beryllium oxide.en_AU
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