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dc.contributor.authorKeane, Aen_AU
dc.contributor.authorKletzmayr, EKen_AU
dc.description.abstractThe effective resonance integral and Doppler coefficient of U238, Th232, and Pu240 have been studied in detail using the LUBRA complex of codes. Some earlier results were used for comparison to verify the validity of the LUBRA results discrepancies have been explained and confidence can be placed in the results given by the LUBRA codes.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisationen_AU
dc.subject.otherDoppler Coefficienten_AU
dc.subject.otherUranium 238en_AU
dc.subject.otherThorium 232en_AU
dc.subject.otherPlutonium 240en_AU
dc.subject.otherComputer Codesen_AU
dc.subject.otherResonance Integralsen_AU
dc.titleStudy of the effective resonance integral and doppler coefficients of U238, Th232, and Pu240 using the code complex LUBRA.en_AU
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