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Title: The preparation of spheroidal UO2 - ThO2 particles
Authors: Reeve, KD
Jones, KA
Keywords: Particles
Sintered materials
Beryllium oxides
Issue Date: Mar-1963
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Reeve, K. D., & Jones, K. A. (1963). The preparation of spheroidal UO2 - ThO2 particles. (AAEC/104). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: A self—abradory process is described for the small-scale preparation of 150 - 200 micron spheroidal particles of various UO2- ThO2 compositions. The particles can be sintered to high densities before or after dispersion in beryllium oxide. Because of the high compaction pressure used in making particles, they are strong enough to resist abrasion and crushing during mixing with beryllium oxide powder, after sintering, the particles consist of a (U, Th)02 solid solution with a small range of composition, but the overall composition does not vary from one particle to another. The types of porosity observed after sintering are consistent with the occurrence of two competitive mechanisms during spheroidisation, namely particle abrasion and particle build-up.
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