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dc.contributor.authorLeroy, Cen_AU
dc.contributor.authorBragulat, Ven_AU
dc.contributor.authorBerlin, Ien_AU
dc.contributor.authorGregoire, MCen_AU
dc.contributor.authorBottlaender, MAen_AU
dc.contributor.authorRoumenov, Den_AU
dc.contributor.authorDolle, Fen_AU
dc.contributor.authorBourgeois, Sen_AU
dc.contributor.authorPenttilae, Jen_AU
dc.contributor.authorArtiges, Een_AU
dc.contributor.authorMartinot, JLen_AU
dc.contributor.authorTrichard, Cen_AU
dc.identifier.citationLeroy, C., Bragulat, V., Berlin, I., Gregoire, M. C., Bottlaender, M., Roumenov, D., Dolle, F., Bourgeois, S., Penttilae, J., Artiges, E., Martinot, J. L., & Trichard, C. (2009). Cerebral monoamine oxidase a inhibition in tobacco smokers confirmed with PET and [c-11]befloxatone. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 29(1), 86-88. doi:10.1097/JCP.0b013e31819e98fen_AU
dc.description.abstractThe inhibition of cerebral monoamine oxidases (MAOs) by cigarette smoke components could participate to the tobacco addiction. However, the actual extent of this inhibition in vivo in smokers is still poorly known. We investigated cerebral MAO-A availability in 7 tobacco-dependent subjects and 6 healthy nonsmokers, using positron emission tomography (PET) and the MAO-A selective radioligand [11C]befloxatone. In comparison to nonsmokers, smokers showed a significant overall reduction of [11C]befloxatone binding potential (BP) in cortical areas (average reduction, -60%) and a similar trend in caudate and thalamus (-40%). Our findings confirm a widespread inhibition of cerebral MAO-A in smokers. This mechanism may contribute to tobacco addiction and for a possible mood-modulating effect of tobacco. © 2009, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkinsen_AU
dc.publisherLippincott, Williams & Wilkinsen_AU
dc.subjectTobacco smokesen_AU
dc.subjectPositron computed tomographyen_AU
dc.subjectAmine oxidasesen_AU
dc.titleCerebral monoamine oxidase a inhibition in tobacco smokers confirmed with PET and [c-11]befloxatoneen_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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