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Title: THETRAN - a two-dimensional heat transport code for analysis of power transients
Authors: Green, WJ
Jacobs, WSV
Keywords: T codes
Reactor cooling systems
PWR type reactors
Fluid flow
Issue Date: Apr-1981
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Green, W. J., & Jacobs, W. S. V. (1981). Thetran, a two-dimensional heat transport code for analysis of power transients (AAEC/EE507). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment.
Abstract: A computer code THETRAN has been developed for two-dimensional analysis of heat transfer transients by utilising parts of two available transient heat transfer codes THETA1-B and HEATRAN. Combination of the one-dimensional coolant energy and heat transfer equations used in THETA1-B with the two-dimensional transient thermal diffusion code HEATRAN was achieved by matching two parameters (surface temperature and heat flux) at the solid/fluid interface. The resultant code is capable of analysing the transient thermal performance of a tube or duct internally or externally cooled by a flow of liquid coolant which may boil. The code was developed to analyse experimental conditions in which an electrically heated tube is subjected to a rapid change in power input while heat is removed by an internal flow of coolant at a constant mass flowrate.
Gov't Doc #: 184
ISBN: 0642597081
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