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dc.contributor.authorAppelqvist, IAMen_AU
dc.contributor.authorRout, MKen_AU
dc.contributor.authorChanvrier, Hen_AU
dc.contributor.authorDezfouli, Men_AU
dc.contributor.authorKelly, Men_AU
dc.contributor.authorHtoon, AKen_AU
dc.contributor.authorKealley, Cen_AU
dc.contributor.authorGilbert, EPen_AU
dc.contributor.authorStrounina, Een_AU
dc.contributor.authorWhittaker, Aen_AU
dc.contributor.authorGidley, MJen_AU
dc.contributor.authorLillford, Pen_AU
dc.identifier.citationAppelqvist, I., Rout, M., Chanvrier, H., Dezfouli, M., Kelly, M., & Htoon, A., Kealley, C., Gilbert, E. P., Strounina, E., Whittaker, A., Gidley, M. J., & Lillford, P. (2007). Hydration induced structural changes in native, denatured and protected soy glycinin (11s). IFT FoodSmarts Expo – “The Best of Food Thinking 2007 ”, 29th – 31st July 2007. Chicago, Illinois, USA: McCormick Place.en_AU
dc.description.abstractProteins and other biomolecules undergo a dynamic transition to a glass-like solid state with small atomic fluctuations. This dynamic transition can inhibit biological function and alter their material properties.en_AU
dc.description.sponsorshipInstitute of Food Technologists; Illinois Department of Agricultureen_AU
dc.subjectPhase transformationsen_AU
dc.subjectBiological functionsen_AU
dc.titleHydration induced structural changes in native, denatured and protected soy glycinin (11s).en_AU
dc.typeConference Abstracten_AU
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