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dc.contributor.authorHua, Qen_AU
dc.contributor.authorBarbetti, Men_AU
dc.contributor.authorFink, Den_AU
dc.contributor.authorLevchenko, VAen_AU
dc.contributor.authorZoppi, Uen_AU
dc.contributor.authorSmith, AMen_AU
dc.contributor.authorBertuch, Fen_AU
dc.identifier.citationHua, Q., Barbetti, M., Fink, D., Levchenko, V. A., Zoppi, U., & Smith, A. M., & Bertuch, F. (2008). New radiocarbon measurements from Tasmanian Huon pine: closing the current gap in tree-ring based calibration data for the early Younger Dryas. AMS11: The Eleventh International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, 14th – 19th September 2008. Rome, Italy: Spazio Etoile.en_AU
dc.description.abstractThe European absolute tree-ring chronologies have recently extended back to 12,594 cal BP [1], covering most of the Younger Dryas (YD). Radiocarbon data from these chronologies spanning the past 12,400 cal BP have been used to construct the younger part of the current internationally ratified calibration curve IntCal04 [2]. For the Late Glacial, radiocarbon data from a floating 1382-ring pine chronology are also available [3]. Here we present new high-precision, high-resolution radiocarbon measurements for the early YD chronozone derived from 4 sub-fossil logs of Huon pine with clearly defined annual tree rings. These logs were excavated from alluvial sediments along Stanley River in north-western Tasmania, Australia. A total of 137 samples, mostly decadal, were pretreated to alpha-cellulose, then converted to graphite and measured by AMS using the ANTARES facility at ANSTO [4], with a typical precision of 0.3-0.4%. A floating 617-ring Huon pine chronology has been constructed based on ring width and radiocarbon measurements. Our high-precision decadal 14C record, covering an age range from 10,350 to 10,760 14C years BP, has been linked to the European absolute tree-ring and floating Late Glacial Pine chronologies, bridging the current gap in the European tree-ring chronologies during the early YD and making a continuous and reliable atmospheric 14C record for the past 14,000 cal BP. Variations in atmospheric 14C during the YD recorded in tree rings and the possible mechanisms are also discussed. © The Authorsen_AU
dc.description.sponsorshipCEDAD; CIRCE; LABEC; ICTPen_AU
dc.subjectTree ringsen_AU
dc.subjectIsotope datingen_AU
dc.subjectMass spectroscopyen_AU
dc.titleNew radiocarbon measurements from Tasmanian Huon pine: closing the current gap in tree-ring based calibration data for the early Younger Dryasen_AU
dc.typeConference Presentationen_AU
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