ANSTO annual report 2009-10

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
ANSTO is Australia’s national nuclear science and technology organisation and represents a concentration of Australia’s best nuclear science capabilities. It is part of the Australian Government portfolio of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. ANSTO provides policy advice to the Australian Government in relation to all matters within the ambit of nuclear science and technology. In addition, ANSTO maintains critical capabilities to support government in undertaking its regional and international role and obligations in relation to nuclear science and technology. Research and innovation are central to ANSTO’s mission and mandate. Key outcomes include: research publications; the securing of intellectual property; training of research students; software development; engineering designs and demonstrators and engineering services; pilot plants and industrial consultancy for clients. We also license technology that arises from our innovation activities. ANSTO provides local and global partners with access to its research and innovation infrastructure to leverage their own research and innovation activities. This collaboration considerably expands the opportunity for the development of locally and globally significant research that will benefit all. ANSTO manufactures products and provides specialised services for customers. These commercial activities draw on ANSTO’s scientists and engineers to develop new products and manufacturing approaches and enhance product quality. Our businesses are focussed on the health of Australians, particularly in the application of radioisotopes for imaging and therapy; the application of mineral processing for naturally occurring radioactive materials; safe treatment and disposition of nuclear waste; and specialised irradiation services. ANSTO is the custodian of landmark infrastructure deployed in the national interest. ANSTO operates Australia’s OPAL multipurpose research reactor. Research reactors are essentially ‘neutron factories’. The neutrons are used for scientific research, the production of radioisotopes used in medicine, activating targets (such as mineral samples for research) and modifying the conductivity of single crystal silicon used for microelectonics. Complementing the OPAL reactor are particle accelerators which are part of the essential toolkit used for precisely dating geological samples, studying the history of climate variability, and materials research, among other applications. ANSTO is a leader in pilot plant design, operation and management for the mining industry. These plants are a significant factor in transferring laboratory results to industry and providing industry with greater confidence prior to full-scale plant development.
ANSTO, Progress report, OPAL Reactor, Cyclotrons, Australia, Radiopharmaceuticals
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. (2010). ANSTO annual report 2009-10. Lucas Heights, New South Wales: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.