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Title: Modelling horizontal gas-liquid flow using averaged bubble number density approach.
Authors: Li, C
Yeoh, GH
Cheung, SCP
Tu, JY
Keywords: Flow models
Heat transfer
Porous materials
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
Citation: Li, C., Yeoh, G. H., Cheung, S. C. P., & Tu, J. Y. (2010). Modelling horizontal gas-liquid flow using averaged bubble number density approach. The Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, 2(2), 89-99. doi:10.1260/1757-482X.2.2.89
Abstract: In this study, the internal phase distributions of gas-liquid bubbly flow in a horizontal pipe have been predicted using the population balance model based on Average Bubble Number Density approach. Four flow conditions with average gas volume fraction ranging from 4.4% to 20% have been investigated. Predicted local radial distributions of void fraction, interfacial area concentration and gas velocity have been validated against the experimental data. In general, satisfactory agreements between predicted results and measured values have been achieved. For high superficial gas velocity, it has been ascertained that peak local void fraction of 0.7 with interfacial area concentration of 800 m-1 can be encountered near the top wall of the pipe. Some discrepancies have nonetheless been found between the numerical and experimental results at certain locations of the pipe. The insufficient resolution of the turbulent model in fully accommodating the strong turbulence in the current pipe orientation and the inclusion of additional interfacial force such as the prevalent bouncing force among bubbles remain some of the outstanding challenging issues need to be addressed in order to improve the prediction of horizontal gas-liquid bubbly flow. © 2020 by SAGE Publications Ltd
Gov't Doc #: 2823
ISSN: 1757-482X
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