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dc.contributor.authorRobinson, GSen_AU
dc.identifier.citationRobinson, G. S. (1986). EDITAR: a module for reaction rate editing and cross-section averaging within the AUS neutronics code system. (AAEC/E621). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.-
dc.description.abstractThe EDITAR module of the AUS neutronics code system edits one and two-dimensional flux data pools produced by other AUS modules to form reaction rates for materials and their constituent nuclides and to average cross sections over space and energy. The module includes a Bsub(L) flux calculation for application to cell leakage. The STATUS data pool of the AUS system is used to enable the 'unsmearing' of fluxes and nuclide editing with minimal user input. The module distinguishes between neutron and photon groups and printed reaction rates are formed accordingly. Bilinear weighting may be used to obtain material reactivity worths and to average cross sections. Bilinear weighting is at present restricted to diffusion theory leakage estimates made using mesh-average fluxes.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Atomic Energy Commissionen_AU
dc.subjectComputer codes-
dc.subjectNeutron flux-
dc.subjectNeutron leakage-
dc.titleEDITAR: a module for reaction rate editing and cross-section averaging within the AUS neutronics code systemen_AU
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