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Title: Development of a pilot plant for the removal of rhenium from molybdenum trioxide
Authors: Lee, EJ
Sorby, PJ
Barnes, RK
Boyd, RE
Keywords: Pilot plants
Issue Date: Dec-1985
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Lee, E. J., Sorby, P. J., Barnes, R. K., & Boyd, R. E. (1985). Development of a pilot plant for the removal of rhenium from molybdenum trioxide (SSEC/E615). Lucas Heights N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment.
Abstract: Reagent grade molybdenum trioxide used as a target material for the preparation of Tc-99m pharmaceuticals contains trace amounts of rhenium. A simple charcoal adsorptions process has been developed to remove rhenium selectively from molybdenum before neutron irradiation. Details are given of the design and operation of a pilot plant in which 17 kg of molybdenum trioxide was produced having a rhenium content of less than 1 x 10 -6 mu g g -1. Although contamination of the Tc-99m by inactive rhenium and 188 Re was effectively eliminated 188 Re resulting from the irradiation of tungsten impurity in the molybdenum trioxide target was still present.
Gov't Doc #: 159
ISBN: 0642598193
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