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Title: Vibrational characteristics of roll swage jointed plates
Authors: Caresta, M
Wassink, D
Keywords: Vibrational states
Fuel assemblies
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2010
Publisher: Australian Acoustical Society
Citation: Caresta, M., & Wassink, D. (2010). Vibrational characteristics of roll swage jointed plates. Acoustics Australia, 38(2), 82-86.
Abstract: The aim of this work is to model the vibrational behaviour of thin plates joined to a stiff orthogonal side plate using the technique of 'roll swaging'. Swage joints are typically found in plate-type fuel assemblies for nuclear reactors. Since they are potentially liable to flow-induced vibrations, it is crucial to be able to predict their dynamic characteristics. It is shown that the contact between the plates resulting from the swage can be modelled assuming a perfect clamp of all the degrees of freedom except for the rotation around the axis parallel to the swage which is elastically restrained with a torsional spring. A modal analysis was performed on different specimens and the values of the first natural frequencies are used to find the equivalent stiffness of the torsional spring restraint by matching these frequencies with the results obtained from a finite element model (FEM). © 2010, Australian Acoustical Society
Gov't Doc #: 2681
ISSN: 0814-6039
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