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dc.contributor.authorBarnes, RKen_AU
dc.contributor.authorHetherington, ELRen_AU
dc.identifier.citationBarnes, R. K., & Hetherington, E. L. R. (1986). Specact, a fortran program for the routine calculation of the specific activity of fission-produced molybdenum-99 (AAEC/E625). Lucas Heights, N.S.W.: Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment, Lucas Heights Research Laboratories.-
dc.description.abstractThe specific activity of 99 Mo is an important factor in the production of 99 Mo/Tc-99m generators used in nuclear medicine. Molybdenum-99 formed via the fission route is not carrier free but is contaminated by a number of stable molybdenum isotopes formed concurrently during neutron irradiation of the uranium target. The specific activity of fission-based 99 Mo is therefore a function of irradiation time and post-irradiation decay. A computer program written in FORTRAN is presented for defining routinely the specific activity of fission-based 99 Mo.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Atomic Energy Commissionen_AU
dc.subjectComputer codes-
dc.subjectMolybdenum 99-
dc.subjectNuclear decay-
dc.subjectUranium 235-
dc.titleSPECACT, a fortran program for the routine calculation of the specific activity of fission-produced Molybdenum-99en_AU
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