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Title: High water diffusivity in low hydration plasma-polymerised proton exchange membranes
Authors: Peterson, VK
Corr, CS
Kearley, GJ
Boswell, RW
Izaola, Z
Keywords: Diffusion
Fuel cells
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2010
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Citation: Peterson, V. K., Corr, C., Kearley, G. J., Boswell, R., & Izaola, Z. (2010). High water diffusivity in low hydration plasma-polymerised proton exchange membranes. 7th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM-7), 2nd – 6th August 2010. Cairns Convention Centre: Cairns, Australia. In Nie, J. F. & Morton, A. (Eds.), Materials Science Forum, 654-656, 2871-2874. doi:10.4028/
Abstract: This paper compares proton diffusion through plasma-polymerised proton-exchange membranes (PEMs) produced using traditional wet-chemical methods (Nafion®) and those produced using plasma-polymerisation. Using quasielastic neutron scattering and a simple model of proton motion we find the measured diffusion-rate of protons in the plasma-polymerised material and Nafion® is the same (within 1 standard error) even though the plasma-polymerised membrane has 80% less water than the Nafion®. We attribute this result to the highly cross-linked structure of the plasma-polymerised membrane.
Gov't Doc #: 2551
ISBN: 0878492550
ISSN: 0255-5476
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