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dc.contributor.authorSchmoelzer, T-
dc.contributor.authorMayer, S-
dc.contributor.authorHaupt, F-
dc.contributor.authorZickler, GA-
dc.contributor.authorSailer, C-
dc.contributor.authorLottermoser, L-
dc.contributor.authorGuther, V-
dc.contributor.authorLiss, KD-
dc.contributor.authorClemens, H-
dc.identifier.citationSchmoelzer, T., Mayer, S., Haupt, F., Zickler, G. A., Sailer, C., Lottermoser, L., Guther, V., Liss, K. D., & Clemens, H. (2010). Phase transition and ordering temperatures of TiAl-Mo alloys investigated by in-situ diffraction experiments. 7th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM-7), 2nd – 6th August 2010. Cairns Convention Centre: Cairns, Australia. In Nie, J. F. & Morton, A. (Eds.), Materials Science Forum, 654-656, 456-459. doi:10.4028/
dc.description.abstractIntermetallic TiAl alloys with a significant volume fraction of the body-centered cubic β-phase at elevated temperatures have proven to exhibit good processing characteristics during hot-working. Being a strong β stabilizer, Mo has gained importance as an alloying element for so-called β/γ-TiAl alloys. Unfortunately, the effect of Mo on the appearing phases and their temperature dependence is not well known. In this work, two sections of the Ti-Al-Mo ternary phase diagram derived from experimental data are shown. These diagrams are compared with the results of in-situ high-temperature diffraction experiments using high-energy synchrotron radiation. © 2020 by Trans Tech Publications Ltd.en_AU
dc.publisherTrans Tech Publicationsen_AU
dc.subjectPhase diagramsen_AU
dc.subjectPhase transformationsen_AU
dc.titlePhase transition and ordering temperatures of TiAl-Mo alloys investigated by in-situ diffraction experimentsen_AU
dc.typeConference Paperen_AU
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