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Title: Microspectroscopy beamline at the Australian synchrotron: design and capabilities.
Authors: Paterson, DJ
de Jonge, MD
McKinlay, J
Ryan, CG
Cohen, DD
Keywords: Synchrotrons
Energy range
Spatial resolution
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Citation: Paterson, D. J., de Jonge, M. D., McKinlay, J., Ryan, C. G., & Cohen, D. D. (2008). Microspectroscopy beamline at the Australian synchrotron: design and capabilities. 9th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy (XRM2008), 21st – 26th July 2008. Zürich, Switzerland: ETH Zentrum.
Abstract: A hard x-ray micro-nanoprobe is being constructed at the Australian Synchrotron [1] to provide sub-micron spatial resolution across an energy range of 4.5–25 keV. The SXM will combine 2D mapping with μ-XRF, μ-XANES and μ-XAFS for elemental and chemical microanalysis. The primary design goal is to achieve sub-100 nm spatial resolution with DE/E ~10-4, and sub-ppm elemental sensitivity. The optical design is a novel “all horizontal” scheme [2]. Interchangeable Fresnel zone plates and Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors will be used. An advanced fluorescence detector developed by BNL [3] and CSIRO [4] featuring a large solid-angle planar silicon array will enable count rates up to 108 events/sec and real-time processing with deconvoluted image projection. A differential phase contrast detection scheme [5] will be employed for quantitative measurement of soft matter [6]. The Microspectroscopy Beamline will commence operation in late 2008 and will accommodate a diverse range of environmental, biological and materials science applications to cater for the broad requirements of the Australian community. The design, anticipated performance and research applications will be discussed.
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