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Title: High magnetization FeCo/Pd multilayers
Authors: Walock, MJ
Ambaye, H
Chshiev, M
Klose, F
Butler, WH
Mankey, GJ
Keywords: Magnetic moments
Thin films
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: American Vacuum Society
Citation: Walock, M. J., Ambaye, H., Chshiev, M., Klose, F. R., Butler, W. H., & Mankey, G. J. (2008). High magnetization FeCo/Pd multilayers. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 26(4), 731-734. doi:10.1116/1.2830631
Abstract: We have fabricated multilayer samples with varying superlattice periodicity and interlayer thicknesses to determine the nature of the enhanced moment in this intriguing thin film system. Magnetic characterization experiments show an enhanced magnetic moment in the multilayers as compared to a single layer film containing the same amount of FeCo. However, since the magnetization is defined as the magnetic moment divided by the sample volume, the sample exhibits an overall reduction in the magnetization when the volume of the Pd layers is also taken into account. Our experimental findings are also supported by theoretical calculations which identify the origin of the increased magnetic moment in the multilayer system. Polarized neutron reflectivity experiments will be used to determine the lateral distribution of the magnetization in a number of superlattice samples. © 2008, American Vacuum Society
Gov't Doc #: 1450
ISSN: 0734-2101
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