ANSTO annual report 1999-00.

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
The period from July 1999 to June 2000 has, yet again, been both exciting and challenging. Our most important project is the Replacement Research Reactor Project - important not only for the future of the Organisation but also for the maintenance and development of a range of scientific and technological expertise that will underpin Australia's socio-economic development in the knowledge era. In August 1999 this project received unanimous approval from the bipartisan Public Works Committee. ANSTO immediately released the Request for Tender to the four prequalified vendors. All vendors, in alliance or partnership with Australian engineering companies, submitted proposals on the closing date of January 3rd, 2000. These proposals were reviewed and evaluated by internal and external experts, culminating in the final recommendation that INVAP SE, in alliance with John Holland Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd and Evans Deakin Industries Limited, be awarded the contract for the detailed engineering design, construction and commissioning of the replacement research reactor at the Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre. After obtaining all relevant approvals, the contract was signed early in July and marked by a ceremony involving many of the people who had contributed to the process. The tender selection process was audited from start to finish and the relevant audit and review reports posted on ANSTO's website as part of our community advice. As this Annual Report goes to press the project is well underway. ANSTO staff are to be commended for their professionalism and dedication throughout the replacement research reactor project to date. They have worked tirelessly and met all major milestones under their control. It was heartening to learn that our comprehensive and independently audited consultation program during the environmental assessment phase of the replacement research reactor project was acclaimed by two awards from the Public Relations Institute of Australia. All of us at ANSTO appreciate the very considerable support and encouragement we have received from government, individuals, companies and professional societies across the science, engineering, medical and policy spectra. We look forward to working with our stakeholders to ensure that the scientific instruments developed for the various beamlines on the reactor are capable of delivering world class outcomes. During the past year current ANSTO's core nuclear facilities have been in strong demand. Staff and students from universities across Australia have accessed the facilities through AINSE, there being around 160 AINSE-supported university projects in the past year. ANSTO staff not only facilitate the execution of these projects but also undertake research to underpin other important elements of ANSTO's mission. Such projects are frequently carried out in collaboration with national and international teaming partners.
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