ANSTO annual report 2007-08

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is Australia’s national nuclear research and development organisation and is the centre of Australian nuclear expertise. ANSTO operates Australia’s nuclear research reactor OPAL. OPAL is used to produce radioactive products for use in medicine and industry, as a source of neutron beams for scientific research and to irradiate silicon for semiconductor applications. ANSTO’s nuclear infrastructure also includes particle accelerators, radiopharmaceutical production facilities, and a range of other unique research facilities. ANSTO’s main site is located 40 kilometres south west of Sydney’s central business district, occupies 70 hectares and is surrounded by a 1.6 kilometre buffer zone. ANSTO also operates the National Medical Cyclotron, an accelerator facility used to produce short-lived radioisotopes for nuclear medicine procedures. The cyclotron is situated at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney. The organisation’s functions are prescribed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act 1987 (ANSTO Act) and are translated into action through corporate drivers of vision, mission and strategic goals.
ANSTO, Progress report, OPAL Reactor, Cyclotrons, Australia, Radiopharmaceuticals