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dc.contributor.authorThorogood, GJen_AU
dc.contributor.authorKennedy, BJen_AU
dc.contributor.authorAvdeev, Men_AU
dc.contributor.authorKamiyama, Ten_AU
dc.identifier.citationThorogood, G. J., Kennedy, B. J., Avdeev, M., & Kamiyama, T. (2008). Stability of Na-doped Bi-2(NbCr)O7-x pyrochlores: the non-existence of "(BiNa)(NbCr)O-6". Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 69(4), 918-922. doi:10.1016/j.jpcs.2007.10.010en_AU
dc.description.abstractWe show that the pyrochlore described as "(BiNa)(NbCr)O-6" is in fact a non-stoichiometric pyrochlore with an approximate composition of (Bi1.33Na0.67)(Nb1.33Cr0.67)O7-x. Refinement of this structure using constant wavelength powder neutron diffraction data reveals the presence of vacancies in the anion sites coupled with displacive disorder of the Bi and Na cations. This is necessary to achieve a satisfactory bonding arrangement for both the Bi and Na cations that occupy the pyrochlore A-type sites. Attempts to prepare other pyrochlores in the series Bi2-xNax(NbCr)O-6 were unsuccessful and it appears that the pyrochlore is only stable only over a very narrow composition range. The structure of the pure Bi pyrochlore Bi-2(NbCr)O-7 is also described. © 2007, Elsevier Ltd.en_AU
dc.subjectCrystal structureen_AU
dc.subjectNeutron diffractionen_AU
dc.titleStability of Na-doped Bi-2(NbCr)O7-x pyrochlores: the non-existence of "(BiNa)(NbCr)O-6"en_AU
dc.typeJournal Articleen_AU
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