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Title: The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA at OPAL
Authors: Deng, G
Yano, SI
Wu, CM
Peng, JC
Gardner, JS
Imamovic, E
Vorderwisch, P
Li, WH
McIntyre, GJ
Keywords: ANSTO
OPAL Reactor
Angular momentum
Measuring instruments
Particle properties
Pool type reactors
Research and test reactors
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2018
Publisher: Australian Institute of Physics
Citation: Deng, G., Yano, S.-I., Wu, C.-M., Peng, J.-C., Gardner, J. S., Imamovic, E., Vorderwisch, P., Li, W.-H., & McIntyre, G. J. (2018). The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA at OPAL. Poster presented to the 42nd Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 30th January – 2nd February, 2018, (p.82). Retrieved from:
Abstract: SIKA is a high-flux cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan and currently being operated by National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center. It is located on the OPAL reactor face at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO). Its incident energy ranges from 2.6meV to 30meV with the highest flux at ~8meV. SIKA is equipped with a multiplexing analyzer consisting of an array of 13 PG crystal blades, a multi-wire detector, a single detector and a diffraction detector. The most frequently-used single-detector mode and the multi-Q constant-Ef mode are demonstrated by using the standard samples, namely, MnF2 and Pb single crystals, respectively. The spin-wave excitation of MnF2, the phonon dispersion of thermoelectric material SeSn, the spin dynamics of the spin-glass system (Ni0.40Mn0.60)TiO3, and other experimental data from SIKA are demonstrated as examples of SIKA’s capabilities and performance. The spin-wave excitation was observed in the quasi-one-dimensional spinladder compound SrCa13Cu24O41, indicating the low background of SIKA. These results indicate that SIKA is a highly-flexible cold triple-axis spectrometer with reasonably low background.
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