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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2021A multi-proxy record of environmental change through the last 53,000 years recorded in the sediments of Lake Kanono, Northland, New ZealandEvans, G; Augustinus, PC; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Ditchfield, A; Shane, P
14-Oct-2015Late-glacial to late-Holocene shifts in global precipitation δ18OJesechko, S; Lechler, A; Pausata, FSR; Fawcett, PJ; Gleeson, T; Cendón, DI; Galewsky, J; LeGrande, AN; Risi, C; Sharp, ZD; Welker, JM; Werner, M; Yoshimura, K
Sep-2005Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the Keep River region, northwestern AustraliaWard, IAK; Nanson, GC; Head, LM; Fullagar, R; Price, DM; Fink, D
Aug-2004Radiocarbon variations from the Southern Hemisphere, 10,350–9700 cal BPBarbetti, M; Hua, Q; Zoppi, U; Fink, D; Zhao, Y; Thomson, B
20-Jan-2017A holocene pollen and diatom record from Vanderlin Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, lowland tropical AustraliaPrebble, M; Sim, R; Finn, J; Fink, D
15-Jan-2018Timing of Pleistocene glaciations in the High Atlas, Morocco: New 10Be and 36Cl exposure agesHughes, PD; Fink, D; Rodés, A; Fenton, CR; Fujioka, T
15-Dec-2017Cosmogenic evidence for limited local LGM glacial expansion, Denton Hills, AntarcticaJoy, K; Fink, D; Storey, BC; De Pascale, GP; Quigley, M; Fujioka, T
15-Feb-2018Asynchronous glaciations in arid continental climateBatbaatar, J; Gillespie, AR; Fink, D; Matmon, A; Fujioka, T
1-Jul-2022The Namaras rock avalanche: evidence of mid-to-late Holocene paraglacial activity in the Central Taurus Mountains, SW TurkeyHashemi, K; Sarıkaya, MA; Görüm, T; Wilcken, KM; Çiner, A; Žebre, M; Stepišnik, U; Yıldırım, C
1-Feb-2017Cosmogenic 10Be and 26A1 exposure ages of glaciations in the Frankland Range, southwest Tasmania reveal a limited MIS-2 ice advanceKiernan, K; Fink, D; McConnell, A