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dc.contributor.authorHan, ML-
dc.contributor.authorVelkov, T-
dc.contributor.authorZhu, Y-
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, KD-
dc.contributor.authorLe Brun, AP-
dc.contributor.authorChow, SH-
dc.contributor.authorGutu, AD-
dc.contributor.authorMoskowitz, SM-
dc.contributor.authorShen, HH-
dc.contributor.authorLi, J-
dc.identifier.citationHan, M.-L., Velkov, T., Zhu, Y., Roberts, K. D., Le Brun, A. P., Chow, S. H., Gutu, A. D., Moskowitz, S. M. Shen, H.-J. & Li, J. (2018). Polymyxin-induced lipid A deacylation in pseudomonas aeruginosa perturbs polymyxin penetration and confers high-level resistance. ACS Chemical Biology, 13(1), 121-130. doi:10.1021/acschembio.7b00836en_US
dc.description.abstractPolymyxins are last-line antibiotics against life-threatening multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Unfortunately, polymyxin resistance is increasingly reported, leaving a total lack of therapies. Using lipidomics and transcriptomics, we discovered that polymyxin B induced lipid A deacylation viapagL in both polymyxin-resistant and -susceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Our results demonstrated that the deacylation of lipid A is an “innate immunity” response to polymyxins and a key compensatory mechanism to the aminoarabinose modification to confer high-level polymyxin resistance in P. aeruginosa. Furthermore, cutting-edge neutron reflectometry studies revealed that an assembled outer membrane (OM) with the less hydrophobic penta-acylated lipid A decreased polymyxin B penetration, compared to the hexa-acylated form. Polymyxin analogues with enhanced hydrophobicity displayed superior penetration into the tail regions of the penta-acylated lipid A OM. Our findings reveal a previously undiscovered mechanism of polymyxin resistance, wherein polymyxin-induced lipid A remodeling affects the OM packing and hydrophobicity, perturbs polymyxin penetration, and thereby confers high-level resistance. © 2017 American Chemical Societyen_US
dc.publisherACS Publicationsen_US
dc.subjectHydroperoxy radicalsen_US
dc.subjectNeutron reflectorsen_US
dc.titlePolymyxin-induced lipid A deacylation in pseudomonas aeruginosa perturbs polymyxin penetration and confers high-level resistanceen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
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