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Title: Increase of ferromagnetic ordering temperature by the minority-band double-exchange interaction in SrRu1−xCrxO3
Authors: Dabrowski, B
Kolesnik, S
Chmaissem, O
Maxwell, T
Avdeev, M
Barnes, PW
Jorgensen, JD
Keywords: Perovskites
Ferromagnetic materials
Transition temperature
Pressure range mega pa 10-100
Crystal lattices
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2005
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Dabrowski, B., Kolesnik, S., Chmaissem, O., Maxwell, T., Avdeev, M., Barnes, P. W., & Jorgensen, J. D. (2005). Increase of ferromagnetic ordering temperature by the minority-band double-exchange interaction in SrRu1−xCrxO3. Physical Review B, 72(5), 054428. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.72.054428
Abstract: Structural, magnetic, and resistive properties of the chromium substituted SrRu1−xCrxO3 perovskites with increased ferromagnetic transition temperature from 163 to 188 K were studied for polycrystalline samples synthesized in air and at high pressure. The Cr solubility limit found at x=0.15 in air is controlled by geometrical constraints of the tolerance factor and can be extended to higher values through high-pressure synthesis at 3 GPa. A linear decrease of the lattice parameters and bond lengths and an increase of the bond angles with x are consistent with the substitution of smaller Cr4+∕3+ for Ru4+∕5+. Similar decreases of the magnetic usceptibility χm in the paramagnetic region above Tc and the high-field magnetization at 5 K with increasing x also indicate the presence of the Cr4+∕3+ and Ru4+∕5+ ions. This chemical substitution creates a possible Ru 4+∕5+(d4∕3)‐O2−‐Cr4+∕3+(d2∕3)minority band double-exchange interaction which involves the Cr3+ and Cr4+ in agnetic ordering that enhances the ordering temperature. A reduced coercive field determined from the magnetization curves and a minimum of the resistivity point to decreased disorder for slightly substituted compositions x∼0.025. ©2005 American Physical Society
ISSN: 2469-9969
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