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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-1995Radiation monitoring handbook for visits by nuclear powered warships to Australian portsWoods, DA
25-Mar-1987Report of the committee of inquiry into a fire which occurred on 18 March 1987 in a radioisotope processing cell, Building 54 at the Lucas Heights Research LaboratoriesAustralian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment Lucas Heights
Dec-2021Radionuclide sorption studies of Co, Cs and Sr on LFLS soilsComarmond, MJ; Harrison, JJ; Payne, TE
Aug-1990A report to NERDDP on project no. 1319 entitled : description of synroc durability: kinetics and mechanisms of reactionJostsons, A; Smith, KL; Blackford, MG; Hart, KP; Lumpkin, GR; McGlinn, PJ; Myhra, S; Netting, A; Pham, DK; Smart, RStC; Turner, PS
Nov-1999Shipment of research reactor spent fuel from Australia to FranceAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation; Compagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires (COGEMA)
Jun-2022Waste disposals at the Little Forest site - procedures, records and significant eventsPayne, TE; Shatwell, J; Comarmond, MJ
10-Apr-2000Interim report task 3: immobilisation process/equipment testing – task 3.4: nondestructive evaluation Part 1 of 2 to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for contract B345772Stewart, MWA; Vance, ER; Day, RA; Lumpkin, GR
Sep-1986The Chernobyl nuclear accident and its consequencesAustralian Atomic Energy Commission Task Force
Jun-1992Plutonium and Japan: two discussion papers. The balance of plutonium supply and demand in Japan. The shipment of plutonium to Japan.McMillan, MJ; Silver, JM
Jun-2014A proposal for the establishment of the Australian Particle Therapy Centre for Advanced Cancer CareBoldeman, JW