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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2016YCa3 (CrO) 3 (BO3) 4: a Cr3+ kagomé lattice compound showing no magnetic order down to 2 KWang, CH; Avdeev, M; Kennedy, BJ; Küpers, M; Ling, CD
31-Jan-2011YCa3(VO)3(BO3)4: a kagom compound based on vanadium(III) with a highly frustrated ground stateMiiller, W; Christensen, M; Khan, A; Sharma, N; Macquart, RB; Avdeev, M; McIntyre, GJ; Piltz, RO; Ling, CD
10-Jul-2015You are what you eat. Examination of isotopes in determining plastic ingestion by fishWilson, S; Mazumder, D; Jacobsen, GE; Barry, LA
3-Feb-2015Yttria-stabilised zirconia: a trend study of structural, electronic and vibrational propertiesCousland, GP; Cui, XY; Smith, AE; Stampfl, APJ; Stampfl, CM
1-Aug-2012Yttrium aluminum garnet nanoparticles with low antisite defects studied with neutron and x-ray diffractionSang, YH; Yu, DH; Avdeev, M; Qin, HM; Wang, JY; Liu, H; Lv, YH
Jun-1983ZAPP - a computer program for simulation of reactor power transientsClancy, BE
24-Nov-2011Zechstein saline brines in Poland, evidence of overturned anoxic ocean during the late Permian mass extinction eventGarcía-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Pueyo, JJ; Peryt, T
14-Dec-2007Zener double exchange from local valence fluctuations in magnetiteMcQueeney, RJ; Yethiraj, M; Chang, S; Montfrooij, W; Perring, TG; Honig, JM; Metcalf, P
Mar-1974ZHEX - a three dimensional diffusion code for hexagonal, z geometryDoherty, G
1-Nov-2016Zig-zag magnetic ordering in honeycomb-layered Na3Co2SbO6Wong, C; Avdeev, M; Ling, CD
26-May-2021Zinc accumulates in the nodes of wheat following the foliar application of 65Zn oxide nano- and microparticlesRead, TL; Doolette, CL; Howell, NR; Kopittke, PM; Cresswell, T; Lombi, E
20-Dec-2020Zinc from foliar-applied nanoparticle fertiliser is translocated to wheat grain: a 65Zn radiolabelled translocation study comparing conventional and novel foliar fertilisersDoolette, CJ; Read, TL; Howell, NR; Cresswell, T; Lombi, E
20-Jun-2012Zinc hydroxyapatite catalyst for decomposition of 2-propanolLow, HR; Avdeev, M; Ramesh, K; White, TJ
Dec-1984Zirconium molybdate gel as a generator for technetium-99mEvans, JV; Shying, ME
29-May-2014Zirconium organophosphonates as high capacity, selective lanthanide sorbentsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Hanley, TL; Luca, V
Dec-2009Zirconolite-rich titanate ceramics for immobilisation of actinides - waste form/HIP can interactions and chemical durabilityZhang, Y; Stewart, MWA; Li, HJ; Carter, ML; Vance, ER; Moricca, SA
20-Jul-2012Zn-doped TiO2 electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells for enhanced photocurrentHuang, FZ; Li, Q; Thorogood, GJ; Cheng, YB; Caruso, RA
15-Jun-2014Zonal vegetation change in the Chinese Loess Plateau since MIS 3Zhou, X; Li, XQ; Dodson, JR; Yang, S; Long, H; Zhao, K; Sun, N; Yang, Q; Liu, HB
Jun-2009Zooplankton inputs and outputs in the saltmarsh at Towra Point, AustraliaMazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Williams, RJ
Feb-2009Zr-Cu-Ni-Al bulk metallic glasses with superhigh glass-forming ability.Sun, YJ; Qu, DD; Huang, YJ; Liss, KD; Wei, XS; Xing, DW; Shen, J