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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1975Wastes and waste management in the uranium fuel cycle for light water reactorsCostello, JM
7-Jan-2009Water absorption and transport in bis-silane filmsWang, YM; Wang, P; Kohls, D; Hamilton, WA; Schaefer, DW
-Water conservation, contamination & treatmentAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
7-Oct-2014Water researchAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
21-Jun-2009Water transport through cement-based barriers - a preliminary study using neutron radiography and tomographyBrew, DRM; de Beer, FC; Radebe, MJ; Nshimirimana, R; McGlinn, PJ; Aldridge, LP; Payne, TE
5-Sep-2013A weak El Niño/Southern oscillation with delayed seasonal growth around 4,300 years agoMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Fink, D; Phipps, SJ; Wong, HKY; Woodroffe, CD
2-Aug-2010Wear resistance and microstructural study of diamond coated WC toolsBoland, JN; Li, XS; Rassool, RP; MacRae, CM; Wilson, NC; Elbracht, S; Luzin, V; Imperia, P; Sobott, B
Jun-2009Weld residual stress effects on fatigue crack growth behaviour of aluminium alloy 2024-T351Liljedahl, CDM; Brouard, J; Zanellato, O; Lin, J; Tan, ML; Ganguly, S; Irving, PE; Fitzpatrick, ME; Zhang, X; Edwards, L
Mar-2014Weld toe SCF and stress distribution parametric equations for tension (membrane) loadingHellier, AK; Brennan, FP; Carr, DG
17-Jun-2012Wetland development nutrient accumulation and runoff in New Zealand dairy pastures with very high annual rainfallChagué-Goff, C; Sorrell, BK; Duncan, MJ; Cotton, S
1-Jul-2011A wetter climate in the desert of northern Sudan 9900-7600 years agoWilliams, ML; Jacobsen, GE
21-Feb-2013What approach to brain partial volume correction is best for PET/MRI?Hutton, BF; Thomas, BA; Erlandsson, K; Bousse, A; Reilhac-Laborde, A; Kazantsev, D; Pedemonte, S; Vunckx, K; Arridge, SR; Ourselin, S
11-Sep-2014What difference does a methyl group make: pentamethylbenzene?Mudge, M; NG, BK; Onie, CJ; Bhadbhade, M; Mole, RA; Rule, KC; Stampfl, APJ; Stride, JA
12-Apr-2007What do we look at when we use neutron scattering?Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
-What is nuclear power?Australian Atomic Energy Commission
23-Jul-2013What is radiation?Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
14-May-2009What is the structure of kaolinite? Reconciling theory and experimentWhite, CE; Provis, JL; Riley, DP; Kearley, GJ; van Deventer, JSJ
12-Jan-2014When is a tsunami a mega-tsunami?Chagué-Goff, C; Goff, JR; Terry, JP; Goto, K
1-Oct-2013Where do the metals go? Investigating uptake, retention and spatial distribution of cadmium and zinc using radiotracers within a freshwater decapod crustaceanCresswell, T; Simpson, SL; Mazumder, D; Callaghan, PD; Nguyen, A
May-2014Where is the water going: An irrigation experiment using a natural isotopic tracer in karst SE, AustraliaMarkowska, M; Baker, A; Andersen, MS; Cuthbert, MO; Rau, G; Jex, CN; Rutlidge, H; Marjo, C; Roshan, H; Treble, PC