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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2015N and P uptake by plants: overview of isotope ratio mass spectrometry, radioisotopic, and synchrotron methodsJohansen, MP; Cresswell, T; Dijkstra, FA; Hortal, S; Plett, JM; Plett, KL; Anderson, IC
28-May-2020N2O isotopocule measurements using laser spectroscopy: analyzer characterization and intercomparisonHarris, SJ; Liisberg, J; Xia, LL; Wei, J; Zeyer, K; Yu, LF; Barthel, M; Wolf, B; Kelly, BFJ; Cendón, DI; Blunier, T; Six, J; Mohn, J
10-Sep-2013Na2FeP2O7: a safe cathode for rechargeable sodium-ion batteriesBarpanda, P; Liu, G; Ling, CD; Tamaru, M; Avdeev, M; Chung, SC; Yamada, Y; Yamada, A
Apr-1976NAIAD - a computer program for calculation of the steady state and transient behaviour (including LOCA) of compressible two-phase coolant in networks.Trimble, GD; Turner, WJ
Apr-1983NAIADQ, a computer program for calculating reactivity transients in low power experimental water reactors.Dalton, AW
1-Jul-2022The Namaras rock avalanche: evidence of mid-to-late Holocene paraglacial activity in the Central Taurus Mountains, SW TurkeyHashemi, K; Sarıkaya, MA; Görüm, T; Wilcken, KM; Çiner, A; Žebre, M; Stepišnik, U; Yıldırım, C
18-Mar-2010Nano- and microstructure of high-internal phase emulsions under shearYaron, PN; Reynolds, PA; McGillivray, DJ; Mata, JP; White, JW
Jan-2009Nanocolumnar preferentially oriented PSZT thin films deposited on thermally grown silicon dioxideSriram, S; Bhaskaran, M; Mitchell, A; Mitchell, DRG; Kostovski, G
6-Jun-2010Nanocomposite bone cements for orthopaedic applicationsDunne, N; Ormsby, R; McNally, T; Mitchell, CA; Martin, DJ; Halley, PJ; Nicholson, T; Schiller, T; Gahan, LR; Musumeci, AW; Smith, SV
15-Nov-2018Nanoengineered high-performance hexaferrite magnets by morphology-induced alignment of tailored nanoplateletsSaura-Múzquiz, M; Granados-Miralles, C; Andersen, HL; Stingaciu, M; Avdeev, M; Christensen, M
9-Jul-2013Nanofibrillar micelles and entrapped vesicles from biodegradable block copolymer/polyelectrolyte complexes in aqueous mediaSalim, NV; Hameed, N; Hanley, TL; Waddington, LJ; Hartley, PG; Guo, Q
1-May-2017Nanofiltration applications of tough MWNT buckypaper membranes containing biopolymersRashid, MHO; Triani, G; Scales, N; in het Panhuis, M; Nghiem, D; Ralph, SF
30-Jan-2008Nanomagnetism and polarized neutronsKlose, F
1-Apr-2020Nanoporous zirconium phosphonate materials with enhanced chemical and thermal stability for sorbent applicationsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Rawal, A; Oldfield, DT; Thorogood, GJ; Bedford, NM
7-Jun-2011Nanoscale condensation of water on self-assembled monolayersJames, M; Darwish, TA; Ciampi, S; Sylvester, SO; Zhang, Z; Ng, A; Gooding, JJ; Hanley, TL
6-Sep-2011Nanoscale water condensation on click-functionalized self-assembled monolayersJames, M; Ciampi, S; Darwish, TA; Hanley, TL; Sylvester, SO; Gooding, JJ
Sep-2009Nanostructural evolution of titania-based materials using modified titanium precursors.Arrachart, G; Cassidy, DJ; Karatchevtseva, I; Triani, G
21-Dec-2010Nanostructure evolution in high-temperature perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer membrane by small-angle x-ray scatteringMistry, MK; Choudhury, NR; Dutta, NK; Knott, RB
5-Jan-2009Nanostructure of liquid crystalline matrix determines in vitro sustained release and in vivo oral absorption kinetics for hydrophilic model drugsLee, KWY; Nguyen, TH; Hanley, TL; Boyd, BJ
1-Apr-2010Nanostructure of PEO-polyurethane-PEO triblock copolymer micelles in water.Caba, BL; Zhang, Q; Carroll, MRJ; Woodward, RC; St Pierre, TG; Gilbert, EP; Riffle, JS; Davis, RM