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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1977A study of the burial ground used for radioactive waste at the Little Forest area near Lucas Heights, New South WalesIsaacs, SR; Mears, KF
Dec-1966A study of the effective resonance integral and doppler coefficients of U238, Th232, and Pu240 using the code complex LUBRAKeane, A; Kletzmayr, EK
1-Jul-2009Study of the influence of the rare-earth elements on the properties of lead iodideMatuchova, M; Zdansky, K; Zavadil, J; Danilewsky, A; Riesz, F; Hassan, MAS; Alexiev, D; Kral, R
Oct-1972A study of the movement of phosphorous in the Little River Estuary, NSWGiles, MS
Dec-1961Study of the variables affecting the corrosion of beryllium in carbon dioxideDraycott, A; Nicholson, FD; Price, GH; Stuart, WI
21-Nov-2012A study of TiO2 binder-free paste prepared for low temperature dye-sensitized solar cellsYune, JH; Karatchevtseva, I; Triani, G; Wagner, K; Officer, D
13-Oct-2014Studying the effects of Zr-doping in (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3 via diffraction and spectroscopyBlanchard, PER; Liu, S; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Zhang, Z; Avdeev, M; Jang, LY; Lee, JF; Pao, CW; Chen, JL
1-Jan-2010Studying the hydration of cement systems in real time using quasielastic and inelastic neutron scatteringPeterson, VK
Sep-2007Studying the structure and hydration kinetics of cement systems in real-time using neutron scatteringPeterson, VK
5-Aug-2008Subdividing repressor function: DNA binding affinity, selectivity, and allostery can be altered by amino acid substitution of nonconserved residues in a LacI/GalR homologueZhan, HL; Taraban, M; Trewhella, J; Swint-Kruse, L
12-Sep-2002Submission to ARPANSA on the site geological investigations for the replacement research reactor at Lucas HeightsAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Nov-1986Subroutine MLTGRD a multigrid algorithm based on multiplicative correction and implicit non-stationary iterationBarry, JM; Pollard, JP
Aug-1968Subroutine SOK: iterative solution of linear equations by the method of averaging functional correctionsPollard, JP
1-Apr-2005Subsolidus phase relations in Na2O-CuO-Sb2On system and crystal structure of new sodium copper antimonate Na3Cu2SbO6Smirnova, OA; Nalbandyan, VB; Petrenko, AA; Avdeev, M
7-May-2013Substitution of Y for Pr in PrMn2Ge2-the magnetism of Pr0.8Y0.2Mn2Ge2Wang, JL; Campbell, SJ; Hofmann, M; Kennedy, SJ; Avdeev, M; Din, MFM; Zeng, R; Cheng, ZX; Dou, SX
Dec-2006Sugar distribution between and around membranes during dehydrationBryant, G; Lenne, T; Koster, KL; Garvey, CJ
Jun-1956Suggestions for work on design of heat exchangers in liquid metal fueled reactorsBerglin, CLW
1-Jan-2014Sulfate isotope compositions (δ34S, δ18O) and strontium isotopic ratios (87Sr/86Sr) of Triassic evaporites in the Betic Cordillera (SE Spain)Ortí, F; Pérez-López, A; García-Veigas, J; Rosell, L; Cendón, DI; Pérez-Valera, F
1-May-2013Sulphur hexafluoride as a stripper gas for tandem acceleratorsHotchkis, MAC; Child, DP; Fink, D; Garton, D; Levchenko, VA; Wilcken, KM
12-Dec-2020Sulphur: a proxy for wildfires in stalagmitesColeborn, K; Baker, A; Treble, PC; Wynn, P