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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2017An early onset of ENSO influence in the extra-tropics of the southwest Pacific inferred from a 14, 600 year high resolution multi-proxy record from Paddy's Lake, northwest TasmaniaBeck, KK; Fletcher, MS; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Jacobsen, GE
1-Feb-2009Ecology of burrowing crabs in temperate saltmarsh of south-east AustraliaMazumder, D
10-Jul-2017Ecology of the past: old-growth mosses as potential biological proxies for past Antarctic climateWaterman, MJ; Hua, Q; Casanova-Katny, A; Zúñiga, GE; Robinson, SA
16-Oct-2019Elucidating stygofaunal trophic web interactions via isotopic ecologySaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Humphreys, WF; Kuhl, A; Mazumder, D; Smith, C; Grice, KT
10-Dec-2018A high-resolution multi-proxy palaeoecological record of the last two glacial cycles from Lake Selina, TasmaniaFletcher, MS; Lisé-Pronovost, A; Mariani, M; Hopf, F; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H
3-Dec-2013Hydrological connectivity and ecological functional processes in inland floodplain wetlands: nutrient and carbon cyclingWassens, S; Ralph, TJ; Ryder, DS; Saintilan, N; Mazumder, D; Wen, L; Hunter, S; Kobayashi, T
5-Jan-2016Inherent variation in carbon and nitrogen isotopic assimilation in the freshwater macro-invertebrate Cherax destructorMazumder, D; Wen, L; Johansen, MP; Kobayashi, T; Saintilan, N
8-Jul-2015Isotopic tools for better management of aquatic environment and resourcesMazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Kobayashi, T; Wen, L; Rogers, K; Hollins, SE; Johansen, MP; Walsh, C; Narimbi, J; Sammut, J
1-Jul-2021Late Pleistocene chronology and environment of woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach, 1799)) in BeringiaPuzachenko, AY; Levchenko, VA; Bertuch, F; Zazovskaya, EP; Kirillova, IV
1-Oct-2019The long-term impacts of climate and fire on catchment processes and aquatic ecosystem response in Tasmania, AustraliaBeck, KK; Fletcher, MS; Gadd, PS; Heijnis, H; Saunders, KM; Zawadzki, A
1-May-2011Longitudinal spatial variation in ecological conditions in an in-channel floodplain river system during flow pulsesKobayashi, T; Ryder, DS; Ralph, TJ; Mazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Iles, J; Knowles, L; Thomas, R; Hunter, S
20-Apr-2019New light in the dark - a proposed multidisciplinary framework for studying functional ecology of groundwater faunaSaccò, M; Blyth, AJ; Bateman, PW; Hua, Q; Mazumder, D; White, NE; Humphreys, WF; Laini, A; Griebler, C; Grice, K
14-Dec-2015New light through old windows – reaping the benefits of a palaeotsunami database.Goff, JR; Chagué-Goff, C
Nov-2007Nuclear and isotopic techniques for improved management of contaminants impacting aquaculture and fisheries activitiesSzymczak, R; Twining, JR; Hollins, SE; Mazumder, D
18-May-2021Palynological evidence from a sub-alpine marsh of enhanced Little Ice Age snowpack in the Marrakech High Atlas, North AfricaBell, BA; Fletcher, WJ; Hughes, PD; Cornelissen, HL; Fink, D; Rhoujjati, A
30-Oct-2014Pollen, biomarker and stable isotope evidence of late quaternary environmental change at Lake McKenzie, southeast QueenslandAtahan, P; Heijnis, H; Dodson, JR; Grice, K; Le Métayer, P; Taffs, K; Hembrow, SC; Woltering, M; Zawadzki, A
21-Jul-2017Role of plant–fungal nutrient trading and host control in determining the competitive success of ectomycorrhizal fungiHortal, S; Plett, KL; Plett, JM; Cresswell, T; Johansen, MP; Pendall, E; Anderson, IC
30-Jul-2006Use of stable isotopes in Sydney catchment process and water quality studiesHughes, CE; Mazumder, D; Gibson, JJ; Szymczak, R; Cendón, DI; Hollins, SE; Waring, CL
14-Jul-2015Vegetation persistence and carbon storage: implications for environmental water management for Phragmites australisWhitaker, K; Rogers, K; Saintilan, N; Mazumder, D; Wen, L; Morrison, RJ
23-Aug-2016Vegetation, fire and soil feedbacks of dynamic boundaries between rainforest, savanna and grasslandMacDermott, HJ; Fensham, RJ; Hua, Q; Bowman, DMJS