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Mar-1959Energy and lethargy distribution of neutrons slowing down in graphite.Hines, KC
Apr-1959A specific method for the determination of uranium in ores by cathode ray polarographyFlorence, TM
Apr-1959Post-irradiation facilities at Lucas HeightsEbeling, DR; Hickman, BS
Jun-1959A neutron diffraction determination of the magnetic form factor for Ni2+ in NiOSabine, TM
Jul-1959Some aspects of thermal neutron diffusion in non-uniform temperature moderatorThompson, JJ
Aug-1959A derivation of the effective resonance integral in heterogeneous systemsKeane, A; McKay, MH; Cox, CD
Aug-1959Transistor counting rate metersKlein, AG
Sep-1959Separating small particles from liquids with the hydrocyclone, Part II - effects of major design variablesCairns, RC; Thurstan, EG; Turner, KS
Nov-1959Dissolution of sintered thoria.Farrell, MS
Dec-1959Direct determination of uranium in concentrates by spectrophotometric titration with ferric sulphate.Florence, TM
1960The critical size of a bare spherical reactor with anisotropic diffusion.Thompson, JJ
Jan-1960Purification of carbon dioxide for reactor purposes. Part 1 - literature survey and recommended programmeDraycott, A; Kerr, AC
Jan-1960Estimation of traces of oxygen and nitrogen in helium by mass spectrometry.Piper, RH; Whittem, RN
Mar-1960A power station cooling pond performance test with radioactive tracer iodine 131 second experiment at Maitland, N.S.W.Ellis, WR; Fookes, RA; Gardner, ME; Hope, JA; Lamb, N; van Louwersen, P; Watt, JS
Apr-1960The use of a radioactive tracer (bromine 82) to study flow patterns in a sugar subsiderEllis, WR; Brain, LR
Jun-1960Pulse columns in nuclear fuel reprocessing, Part 1 - literature survey.Baillie, MG
Jun-1960The doppler coefficient for reactors containing thoriumKeane, A; McKay, MH; Clancy, BE
Aug-1960Initial results on the compatibility of austenitic stainless-steel with carbon-dioxide.Draycott, A; Smith, R
Nov-1960Spectrum calculations for neutrons slowing down by elastic collisionsPollard, JP
Dec-1960A two-group analysis of a finite fully reflected cylindrical reactorThompson, JJ