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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2017The Australian National Deuteration Facility for structure function applications using neutronsDarwish, TA; Yepuri, NR; Heuer, AK; Duff, AP; Wilde, KL; Holden, PJ
5-Feb-2009Bacterial nano-particle uptake under extreme white-beam irradiation conditionsWilde, KL; Asquith, NL; Graham, SM; Holden, PJ; Stampfl, APJ; Kempson, I; Yang, BW; Hwu, YK
28-Jul-2008The electronic structure of S-layer proteins from Lactobacillus brevisGraham, SM; Asquith, NL; Wilde, KL; Short, KT; Holden, PJ; Stampfl, APJ; Holmes, AJ; Ruys, AJ; Stojanov, P; Riley, JD; Fang, LJ; Yang, YW; Hwu, YK
Sep-2003Final report on a field study of soil-to-plant transfer of radioactive caesium, strontium and zinc in tropical Northern Australia to the IAEA/FAO/IUR CRP on classification of soils systems on the basis of transfer factors of radionuclides from soil to reference plantsTwining, JR; Shotton, P; Tagami, K; Payne, TE; Itakura, T; Russell, RA; Wilde, KL; McOrist, GD; Wong, HKY
1-Jul-2012High yield expression and efficient purification of deuterated human protein galectin-2Chen, X; Wilde, KL; Wang, H; Lake, V; Holden, PJ; Middelberg, APJ; He, L; Duff, AP
15-Nov-2006Investigation of the phase morphology of bacterial PHA inclusion bodies by contrast variation SANSRussell, RA; Holden, PJ; Garvey, CJ; Wilde, KL; Hammerton, KM; Foster, LJR
1-Nov-2007Production and use of deuterated polyhydroxyoctanoate in structural studies of PHO inclusionsRussell, RA; Holden, PJ; Wilde, KL; Hammerton, KM; Foster, LJR
12-Jul-2017A robust and reliable method for high yield deuterated recombinant protein production using Escherichia coli BL21.Duff, AP; Wilde, KL; Rekas, A; Lake, V; Holden, PJ
1-Jan-2012Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of functional amyloid from a fungal hydrophobin: a well-ordered β-sheet core amidst structural heterogeneityMorris, VK; Linser, R; Wilde, KL; Duff, AP; Sunde, M; Kwan, AH