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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-20102D cobalt based coordination polymer constructed from benzimidazole and acetate ion exhibiting spin-canted antiferromagnetismArai, L; Nadeem, MA; Bhadbhade, MM; Stride, JA
29-Nov-2016Application of linear spin wave theory to the Cr8 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg RingD’Adam, TM; Mole, RA; Stride, JA
1-Feb-2017Application of linear spin wave theory to the Cr8 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg RingD'Adam, TM; Mole, RA; Stride, JA
1-Apr-2014Band alignments of different buffer layers (CdS, Zn(O,S), and In2S3) on Cu2ZnSnS4Yan, C; Liu, F; Song, N; Ng, B; Stride, JA; Tadich, A; Hao, X
6-Jul-2009Central atom size effect on the structure of group 14 tetratolylsNg, MCC; Craig, DJ; Harper, JB; van Eijck, L; Stride, JA
1-Oct-2012Central-atom size effects on the methyl torsions of group XIV tetratolylsNg, MCC; Harper, JB; Stampfl, APJ; Kearley, GJ; Rols, S; Stride, JA
Oct-2008Collective high frequency motions in liquid deuterium fluorideDemmel, F; Heusel, G; Waldner, I; Stride, JA; Bertagnolli, H
Sep-2010Controlled synthesis of isomorphous coordination polymers via in situ ligand transformation reaction: crystal structure, thermal and magnetic propertiesNadeem, MA; Bhadbhade, MM; Bircher, R; Stride, JA
Jun-2010Controlled synthesis of titanium dioxide nanostructuresStride, JA; Tuong, NT
28-Jul-2008Discotic liquid crystals photovoltaic applicationsStride, JA; Ellis, TK
22-Nov-2010Dispersive kinetics in discotic liquid crystalsKruglova, O; Mulder, FM; Kearley, GJ; Picken, SJ; Stride, JA; Paraschiv, I; Zuilhof, H
1-Jun-2012Engineering solvothermal reactions to produce multi-walled carbon nanotubesChoucair, M; Gong, B; Stride, JA
Feb-2010Enhanced reversible lithium storage in a nanosize silicon/graphene composite.Chou, SL; Wang, JZ; Choucair, M; Liu, HK; Stride, JA; Dou, SX
1-Apr-2011A flexible copper based microporous metal-organic framework displaying selective adsorption of hydrogen over nitrogenNadeem, MA; Thornton, AW; Hill, MR; Stride, JA
7-Nov-2010Four new coordination polymers constructed from benzene tricarboxylic acid: synthesis, crystal structure, thermal and magnetic propertiesNadeem, MA; Bhadbhade, MM; Stride, JA
Jan-2009Gram-scale production of graphene based on solvothermal synthesis and sonication.Choucair, M; Thordarson, P; Stride, JA
Aug-2010Graphene doping to enhance the flux pinning and supercurrent carrying ability of a magnesium diboride superconductorXu, X; Dou, SX; Wang, XL; Kim, JH; Stride, JA; Choucair, M; Yeoh, WK; Zheng, RK; Ringer, SP
29-Mar-2022Increased efficiency of organic solar cells by seeded control of the molecular morphology in the active layerRahaman, MH; Holland, J; Hossain, MA; Duan, LP; Hoex, B; Mota-Santiago, P; Mitchell, VD; Uddin, A; Stride, JA
12-Mar-2008Inelastic neutron scattering study of Pr2Co12Fe5.Magnani, N; Paoluzi, A; Pareti, L; Stride, JA
29-Nov-2016Linear spin wave theory calculations for a powder sample: excitations in the distorted kagomé lattice Mn3(1,2,4-(O2C)3C6H3)2Mole, RA; Yu, DH; Rule, KC; Stride, JA; Wood, PT