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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2000AMS measurement of 129I, 36C1 and 14C in underground waters from Mururoa and Fangataufa atollsJacobsen, GE; Hotchkis, MAC; Fink, D; Child, DP; Tuniz, C; Sacchi, E; Levins, DM; Povinec, PP; Mulsow, S
May-1996ANSTO's radioactive waste management policy: preliminary environmental reviewLevins, DM; Airey, PL; Breadner, B; Bull, PS; Camilleri, A; Dimitrovski, L; Gorman, T; Harries, JR; Innes, RW; Jarquin, E; Jay, G; Ridal, A; Smith, AM
15-Feb-2011The development and testing of Synroc C as a high level nuclear waste formReeve, KD; Levins, DM; Ramm, EJ; Woolfrey, JL; Buykx, WJ
23-Feb-1981The development and testing of SYNROC for high level radioactive waste fixationReeve, KD; Levins, DM; Ramm, RJ; Wooldfrey, JL; Buykx, WJ; Ryan, RK; Champan, JF
1-May-1994From Rum Jungle to Wismut - Reducing the environmental impact of uranium mining and millingZuk, WM; Jeffree, RA; Levins, DM; Lowson, RT; Ritchie, AIM
Sep-1970Heavy water production - a review of processesLevins, DM
25-Aug-1985Leaching of heavy metals and radionuclides from uranium tailingsRing, RJ; Levins, DM; Cooper, MB
28-Aug-1988Management of wastes from the processing of rare earth mineralsHart, KP; Levins, DM
May-1973Performance of a thermosiphon evaporator for concentration of uranyl nitrate solutionsLevins, DM; Alfredson, PG
Aug-1975Radioactive waste managementAlfredson, PG; Levins, DM
5-Nov-2001Radioactive waste management at ANSTO - managing current and historic wastesHarries, JR; Dimitrovski, L; Hart, KP; Levins, DM
Sep-1973Reduction of capital costs in reprocessing power reactor fuels: a design studyCostello, JM; Levins, DM
Oct-1972Spray drying of ammonium diuranate slurriesLevins, DM; Alfredson, PG; Hirst, RC; MacBride, PR