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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1962The development of Cobalt 60 teletherapy source production in AustraliaEngelbert, U; Newman, GR; Hetherington, ELR
Jun-1988The development of dysprosium-165 hydroxide macroaggregates for radiation synovectomyMcLaren, AB; Hetherington, ELR; Maddalena, DJ; Snowdon, GM
Sep-1974DOSE - a FORTRAN program for the calculation of radiation dose from radiopharmaceuticalsHetherington, ELR; Wood, NR
Mar-1987Evaluation of neutron activation analysis for the measurement of isotopic abundances in molybdenum-98 enriched molybdenumHetherington, ELR
Feb-1972IMPURE - a FORTRAN program for the analysis of the gamma spectrum of technetium-99m eluted from fission produced molybdenum-99Hetherington, ELR; Wood, NR
13-Oct-2009An investigation into the potential of SarAr for use in Cu-64 radioimmunotherapy.Di Bartolo, N; Smith, SV; Hetherington, ELR; Sargeson, A
Mar-1975A new approach to the estimation of radiopharmaceutical radiation dose distributionsHetherington, ELR; Wood, NR
Feb-1974Production of ytterbium-169 radiography sources in a high flux reactorHetherington, ELR; Wood, NR
Mar-1973The radiation dose incurred from the administration of 'SKELTEC'Hetherington, ELR
Jan-1986SPECACT, a fortran program for the routine calculation of the specific activity of fission-produced Molybdenum-99Barnes, RK; Hetherington, ELR
Jun-1974SPECT - a FORTRAN program for the analysis of technetium-99m and other gamma spectra in a radioisotope quality control environmentHetherington, ELR; Wood, NR
Oct-1971Technetium-99m generators prepared from fission produced Molybdenum-99: quality control and performance aspectsBoyd, RE; Hetherington, ELR; Wood, NR