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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Mar-1998Accelerator mass spectrometry ultrasensitive analysis for global scienceTuniz, C; Kutschera, W; Fink, D; Herzog, GF; Bird, JR
3-Jun-1994The ANTARES AMS Centre at the Lucas Heights Research LaboratoriesTuniz, C; Fink, D; Hotchkis, MAC; Jacobsen, GE; Lawson, EM; Smith, AM; Bird, JR; Boldeman, JW
Oct-1978BIBLIO - a bibliographic index systemCawley, RJ; Bird, JR
Sep-1981The characterisation of Melanesian obsidian sources and artefacts using the proton induced gamma-ray emission (PIGME) techniqueBird, JR; Ambrose, WR; Russell, LH; Scott, MD
Oct-1969Compilation of keV neutron capture gamma rays in the mass range a=40-70Allen, BJ; Bird, JR; Kenny, MJ
Jan-1972Computer analysis of results as they are obtained from a nuclear experimentBird, JR; Scott, MD
Jan-1984Dating, mass spectrometry and nuclear science: a proposed new facility at Lucas Heights.Bird, JR; Airey, PL; Boldeman, JW; Cohen, DD; Duerden, P
May-1974The measurement of partial capture cross sections for neutron energies above 10 keVBroomhall, GJ; Kenny, MJ; Martin, PW; Bird, JR
29-Jan-1991Plans for AMS dating at Lucas HeightsSmith, AM; Bird, JR; Fink, D; Shying, M; Shahgholi, N
May-1978Prompt nuclear analysis bibliography 1976.Bird, JR; Campbell, BL; Cawley, RJ
Apr-1967Response functions of a germanium-sodium iodide detector systemAllen, BJ; Bird, JR; Engstrom, S
Nov-1982Simple ion implantation system for solar cellsKenny, MJ; Bird, JR; Broe, HG