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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2021Identifying chemical factors affecting reaction kinetics in Li-air battery via ab initio calculations and machine learningWang, AP; Zou, ZY; Wang, D; Liu, Y; Li, YJ; Wu, JM; Avdeev, M; Shi, S
1-Sep-2021Identifying descriptors for Li+ conduction in cubic Li-argyrodites via hierarchically encoding crystal structure and inferring causalityZhao, Q; Zhang, L; He, B; Ye, A; Avdeev, M; Chen, L; Shi, S
7-Sep-2021Identifying migration channels and bottlenecks in monoclinic NASICON-type solid electrolytes with hierarchical ion-transport algorithmsZou, Z; Ma, N; Wang, AP; Ran, YB; Song, T; He, B; Ye, AJ; Mi, PH; Zhang, LW; Zhou, H; Jiao, Y; Liu, JP; Wang, D; Li, YJ; Avdeev, M; Shi, S
1-May-2017The impact of chemical doping on the magnetic state of the Sr2YRuO6 double perovskiteKayser, P; Ranjbar, B; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M
31-Jan-2014Impact of Cu doping on the structure and electronic properties of LaCr1–yCuyO3Qasim, I; Blanchard, PER; Liu, S; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M
1-Nov-2016Impact of lanthanoid substitution on the structural and physical properties of an infinite-layer iron oxideYamamoto, T; Ohkubo, H; Tassel, C; Hayashi, N; Kawasaki, S; Okada, T; Yagi, T; Hester, JR; Avdeev, M; Kobayashi, Y; Kageyama, H
15-Dec-2018In operando detection of lithium diffusion behaviors at low temperature in 18650 Li-ion battery anodeWu, CM; Chang, CC; Avdeev, M; Pan, PI; Li, WH
17-Nov-2016In situ characterisation of nanostructured multiphase thermoelectric materials at elevated temperaturesAminorroaya Yamini, S; Mitchell, DRG; Avdeev, M
Dec-2007In situ high-energy X-ray diffraction study and quantitative phase analysis in the α+γ phase field of titanium aluminidesYeoh, LA; Liss, KD; Bartels, A; Chladil, HF; Avdeev, M; Clemens, H; Gerling, R; Buslaps, T
1-Apr-2015In situ neutron diffraction monitoring of Li7La3Zr2O12 formation: towards a rational synthesis of garnet solid electrolytesRao, RP; Gu, W; Sharma, N; Peterson, VK; Avdeev, M; Adams, S
16-Sep-2007In situ neutron diffraction study on the effect of aluminium fluoride on phase transformation of mullite from alumina/clayTezuka, N; Low, I; Davies, I; Alecu, I; Stead, R; Avdeev, M; Mehrtens, E; Latella, B
27-Jun-2010In-situ neutron diffraction studies of Li batteriesSharma, N; Peterson, VK; Avdeev, M; Studer, AJ
2-Feb-2016Incommensurate magnetic order in PrNiAl4White, RD; Hutchison, WD; Avdeev, M; Nishimura, K
8-Jun-2016Incommensurate magnetic structure in the cubic noncentrosymmetric ternary compound Pr5Ru3Al2Makino, K; Okuyama, D; Avdeev, M; Sato, TJ
9-Nov-2012Influence of water on the structure of anion deficient perovskites AA*(BB*) O 5.5 (A& A*= Sr 2+ or Ba 2+, B*= Sr2+, B= Nb 5+ or Ta 5+)Awin, LA; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M
30-Apr-2014Initial assessment of an empirical potential as a portable tool for rapid investigation of Li+ Diffusion in Li+-Battery cathode materialsKutteh, R; Avdeev, M
23-Jun-2014Inside Back Cover: t-Na2(VO)P2O7: A 3.8 V pyrophosphate insertion material for sodium-ion batteriesBarpanda, P; Liu, G; Avdeev, M; Yamada, A
4-Sep-2014Inside back cover: t-Na2(VO)P2O7: A 3.8 V Pyrophosphate insertion material for sodium-ion batteries (ChemElectroChem 9/2014)Barpanda, P; Liu, G; Avdeev, M; Yamada, A
7-Jul-2021Insight into disorder, stress and strain of radiation damaged pyrochloresFinkeldei, SC; Chang, S; Brandt, F; Bosbach, D; Ionescu, M; Avdeev, M; Simeone, D; Thorogood, GJ
8-Nov-2021Insight Into disorder, stress and strain of radiation damaged pyrochlores: a possible mechanism for the appearance of defect fluoriteFinkeldei, SC; Chang, S; Ionescu, M; Oldfield, DT; Davis, J; Lumpkin, GR; Simeone, D; Avdeev, M; Brandt, F; Bosbach, D; Klinkenberg, M; Thorogood, GJ