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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2011Cation disorder in NaW2O6+δ·nH2−zO post-ion exchange with K, Rb, Sr, and CsThorogood, GJ; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M; Peterson, VK; Hanna, JV; Luca, V
22-May-2020CAVD, towards better characterization of void space for ionic transport analysisHe, B; Ye, A; Chi, S; Mi, P; Ran, Y; Zhang, L; Zou, X; Pu, B; Zhao, Q; Zou, Z; Wang, D; Zhang, WQ; Zhao, J; Avdeev, M; Shi, S
20-Jul-2008Characterization of nanocrystalline materials using different diffraction techniquesKamarulzaman, N; Bustam, MA; Blagojevic, N; Elcombe, MM; Blackford, MG; Avdeev, M; Arof, AK
1-Feb-2014Characterization of thermally stable diamond composite materialLuzin, V; Boland, JN; Avdeev, M; Li, XS
Mar-2010Chemical, magnetic and orbital order in the substituted double perovskite Sr(1-x)Ca(x)Mn0.5Ru0.5O3Ricciardo, RA; Woodward, PM; Cuthbert, HL; Zhou, QD; Kennedy, BJ; Zhang, Z; Avdeev, M; Jang, LY
21-Mar-2007Chemically induced expansion of La2NiO4+ δ-based materialsKharton, VV; Kovalevsky, AV; Avdeev, M; Tsipis, EV; Patrakeev, MV; Yaremchenko, AA; Naumovich, EN; Frade, JR
7-Oct-2010ChemInform abstract: structural studies of the disorder and phase transitions in the double perovskite Sr2YTaO6Zhou, Q; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M
12-Jun-2009ChemInform abstract: synthesis and structural studies of lanthanide substituted bismuth—titanium pyrochloresTing, J; Kennedy, BJ; Withers, RL; Avdeev, M
9-Jan-2018Cluster formation in the superconducting complex intermetallic compound Be21Pt5Amon, A; Ormeci, A; Bobnar, M; Akselrud, LG; Avdeev, M; Gumeniuk, R; Burkhardt, U; Prots, Y; Hennig, C; Leithe-Jasper, A; Grin, Y
23-Mar-2012Coexistence of spin glass and antiferromagnetic orders in Ba3Fe2.15W0.85O8.72Miiller, W; Auckett, JE; Avdeev, M; Ling, CD
19-Mar-2019Comparative study of electrical conduction and oxygen diffusion in the rhombohedral and bixbyite Ln6MoO12 (Ln = Er, Tm, Yb) polymorphsShlyakhtina, AV; Lyskov, NV; Avdeev, M; Goffman, VG; Gorshkov, NV; Knotko, AV; Kolbanev, IV; Karyagina, OK; Maslakov, KI; Shcherbakova, LG; Sadovskaya, EM; Sadykov, VA; Eremeev, NF
1-May-2017A comparative study of structure, air sensitivity and electrochemistry of sodium iron pyrophosphates Na2−xFe1+x/2P2O7 (x=0; 0.44)Kosova, NV; Rezepova, DO; Podgornova, OA; Slobodyuk, AB; Petrov, SA; Avdeev, M
21-Oct-2013Complex 5d magnetism in a novel S= 1/2 trimer system, the 12L hexagonal perovskite ba4biir3o12Miiller, W; Dunstan, MT; Huang, Z; Mohamed, Z; Kennedy, BJ; Avdeev, M; Ling, CD
24-Jun-2021Complex magnetic properties associated with competing local and itinerant magnetism in Pr2Co0.86Si2.88Kundu, M; Pakhira, S; Choudhary, R; Paudyal, D; Lakshminarasimhan, N; Avdeev, M; Cottrell, SP; Adroja, DT; Ranganathan, R; Mazumdar, C
23-Jul-2015Complex magnetism of quasi-1D maricite-type NaFePO4Avdeev, M; Piltz, RO; Ling, CD; Auckett, JE; Barpanda, P; Cadogan, JM
2007Compression mechanism of HoBaCo4O7, a compound with oxygen absorption/desorption capabilitiesJuarez-Arellano, EA; Avdeev, M; Macquart, RB; Friedrich, A; Morgenroth, W; Wiehl, L; Winkler, B
10-Jun-2020Consequences of long-term water exposure for bulk crystal structure and surface composition/chemistry of nickel-rich layered oxide materials for Li-ion batteriesAndersen, HL; Cheung, EA; Avdeev, M; Maynard-Casely, HE; Abraham, DP; Sharma, N
10-Jul-2019Consolidating the grain boundary of garnet electrolyte LLZTO with Li3BO3 for high performance LiNi0. 8Co0. 1Mn0. 1O2/LiFePO4 hybrid solid batteriesXie, H; Li, C; Kan, WH; Avdeev, M; Zhu, C; Zhao, Z; Chu, X; Mu, D; Wu, F
16-Dec-2019Controlled atomic solubility in Mn‐rich composite material to achieve superior electrochemical performance for Li‐ion batteriesLee, J; Zhang, Q; Kim, J; Dupre, N; Avdeev, M; Jeong, M; Yoon, WS; Gu, L; Kang, B
9-Apr-2019Controlling oxygen defect formation and its effect on reversible symmetry lowering and disorder-to-order phase transformations in nonstoichiometric ternary uranium oxidesMurphy, GL; Wang, CH; Zhang, Z; Kowalski, PM; Beridze, G; Avdeev, M; Muránsky, O; Brand, HEA; Gu, QF; Kennedy, BJ