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Title: Vegetation characteristics in the western Loess plateau between 5200 and 4300 cal. b.p. based on fossil charcoal records
Authors: Li, K
Sun, N
Dodson, J
Zhou, X
Zhao, K
Issue Date: 4-Jan-2013
Publisher: Springer Publisher
Citation: Sun, N., Li, X. Q., Shang, X., Zhou, X., & J., D. (2014). Vegetation characteristics and palaeoclimate Xiahe Site in the southern Loess Plateau during the Mid-Holocene based on fossil charcoal records. Quaternary Sciences, 34(1), 27-34. doi:
Abstract: The fatigue behaviour of an ultra-high strength steel (>1800 MPa) was evaluated to assess the potential of using laser cladding as a repair tool for such steels in aeronautical structural applications. AISI 4340 and AerMet 100 steel powder were used to clad over a grind-out region in an AISI 4340 steel substrate using a 2.5 kW ND:YAG laser. Post-clad heat treatment (PCHT) was also investigated. Results showed very poor tensile properties and significantly reduced fatigue life of the AISI 4340 as-clad with a very high hardness and brittle fracture in the clad and HAZ zone. Residual stress results showed a compressive residual stress in the clad region and tensile residual stress in the HAZ. Changing the alloy of the clad layer to AerMet 100 steel, as well as applying a PCHT process, showed promising results as the fatigue life was improved from that of the grind-out substrate. © 2014, Elsevier B.V.
ISSN: 1617-6278
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