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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Activity measurements of H-3 using the TDCR method and observation of source stability.Mo, L; Bignell, LJ; Steele, T; Alexiev, D
1-Jan-2005Activity measurements of the radionuclide 153Sm for the ANSTO, Australia in the ongoing comparison BIPM.RI(II)-K1.Sm-153.Ratel, G; Michotte, C; Reinhard, MI; Alexiev, D; Mo, L
Mar-1982Adaptation of a Freon-12 CHF correlation to apply for water in uniformly heated vertical tubes, Part 2 - based on CHF data for water pressures in the range 6-20 MPa.Green, WJ
Dec-1981Adaptation of a Freon-12 critical heat flux correlation to correlate water data from uniformly heated vertical tubes, Part I - based on critical heat flux data for water at pressures of 3 to 14 MPa.Green, WJ
25-Feb-2011Adhesion of sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite nanocoatings on anodised pure titanium and titanium (Ti6Al4V) alloy substrates.Roest, R; Latella, BA; Heness, G; Ben-Nissan, B
May-1981ADL1 - an atomic data library for use in computing the behaviour of plasma devices including fusion reactors.Clancy, BE; Cook, JL; Rose, EK
Feb-2009Adsorption at liquid interfaces: a comparison of multiple experimental techniques.Law, BM; Brown, MD; Marchand, L; Lurio, LB; Hamilton, WA; Kuzmenko, I; Gog, T; Satija, S; Watkins, E; Majewski, J
14-Mar-2009Adsorption of a jet fuel on a model organic-clay soil: application of small angle neutron scattering.Hanley, HJM; Payne, TE
May-1965Adsorption of beryllium on ion-exchange resins from inorganic systems.Fardy, JJ
Jun-1958Adsorption of radioactive iodine 131 on mud.Ellis, WR; Gardner, ME
1-Jan-2010Advanced materials research: preface.Chandra, T; Wanderka, N; Reimers, W; Ionescu, M
Jan-1969AECOPY: a magnetic tape analysis and utility program for the IBM System/360.Payne, DA
Feb-1973AEJCL: a JCL syntax checking facility.Hayes, IJ
Jul-2008Aeolian dust: its potential role as a carrier of terrestrial salt in Australia.Shiga, Y; Greene, R; Scott, K; Stelcer, E
Sep-1970AEREREAD - a reread, incore read/write and automatic printer carriage overflow routine for IBM 360 OS fortran users.Davids, RE
Jun-2010Aerosol-assisted production of mesoporous titania microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic activity: the basis of an improved process.Araujo, PZ; Luca, V; Bozzano, PB; Bianchi, HL; Arturo Soler-Illia, GJDA; Blesa, MA
Dec-1972AESYNTAX: a FORTRAN syntax analysis system for the PDP9L.Barry, JM
Aug-1973AEUPDATE - an editor designed to allow sequential and partitioned data sets to be updated.Johnstone, IL
15-Jul-2010Age and growth of a fire prone Tasmanian temperate old-growth forest stand dominated by Eucalyptus regnans, the world's tallest angiosperm.Wood, SW; Hua, Q; Allen, KJ; Bowman, DMJS
1-Jul-2012Aggregation in quads but not pairs of rats exposed to cat odor or bright light.Bowen, MY; Keats, K; Kendig, MD; Cakic, V; Callaghan, PD; McGregor, IS
Showing results 53 to 72 of 2885
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