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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008Bragg peaks > for neutron users.-
Apr-2008Bragg peaks > for neutron users.-
Oct-2007Bragg peaks > for neutron users.-
Jul-2007Bragg peaks > for neutron users.-
Feb-1967Brief survey of processes for heavy water production.Ryan, RK
Jun-1967Buckling and integral spectrum measurements in Pu239/BeO sub-critical assemblies.Duerden, P
Nov-1965Buckling and integral spectrum measurements in U233/BeO sub-critical assemblies.Brittliff, E; Duerden, P
Dec-1965Buckling and integral spectrum measurements in U235 fuelled sub-critical assemblies moderated by BeO/fertile material mixtures.McCulloch, DB; Duerden, P; Brittliff, E
Jul-1964Buckling and integral spectrum measurements in U235/BeO sub-critical assemblies.Duerden, P; McCulloch, DB; Brittliff, E
1-Jan-2013Building the Radiocarbon Chronology for the Archaeological Site Ufa-II: Is this the Elusive "bashkort" of Medieval Sources?Levchenko, V A; Sungatov, F A
19-Jul-2007Bulk diffusion of niobium in single-crystal titanium dioxide.Sheppard, LR; Atanacio, AJ; Bak, T; Nowotny, J; Prince, KE
1-Dec-2013Bulk mixing and decoupling of the Nocturnal Boundary Layer Characterised Using a Ubiquitous Natural TracerWilliams, A G; Chambers, S; Griffiths, A
Nov-1974Burnout data from annuli cooled by upflow of FREON-12.Ilic, V
Nov-1966Burnup survey of Pu-Th-BeO fuels and comments on selection of fuel for pebble bed reactors.Bicevskis, A
Mar-2008C-14 marine reservoir ages in Hawaii derived from U-series dated corals.Weisler, M; Hua, Q; Zhao, JX
2-Apr-2008(Ca0.37Sr0.63)TiO3 perovskite - an example of an unusual class of tilted perovskites.Howard, CJ; Withers, RL; Knight, KS; Zhang, ZM
1-Jan-2013Calcium mediated interaction of calf-thymus DNA with monolayers of distearoylphosphatidylcholine: a neutron and X-ray reflectivity studyDabkowska, A P; Talbot, J P; Cavalcanti, L; Webster, J R P; Nelson, A; Barlow, D J; Fragneto, G; Lawrence, M J
1-Sep-2011Calculated K, L, and M shell X-ray line intensities for light ion impact on selected targets from Z=6 to 100.Crawford, J; Cohen, D; Doherty, G; Atanacio, A
Oct-1967Calculation methods for multigroup neutron cross sections used in burnup studies.Pollard, JP
Oct-1977Calculation of angular neutron spectra from the thick target Li(p,n) source.Rainbow, MT; Ritchie, AIM; Sullivan, L
Showing results 290 to 309 of 2888
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