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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2009Solution structure of ectodomains of the insulin receptor family: the ectodomain of the type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor displays asymmetry of ligand binding accompanied by limited conformational change.Whitten, AE; Smith, BJ; Menting, JG; Margetts, MB; McKern, NM; Lovrecz, GO; Adams, TE; Richards, K; Bentley, JD; Trewhella, J; Ward, CW; Lawrence, MC
25-Jul-2012Solution Structure of the LIM-Homeodomain Transcription Factor Complex Lhx3/Ldb1 and the Effects of a Pituitary Mutation on Key Lhx3 InteractionsBhati, M; Lee, C; Gadd, MS; Jeffries, CM; Kwan, A; Whitten, AE; Trewhella, J; Mackay, JP; Matthews, JM
Aug-1972Solutions of the relativistic two-body problem II quantum mechanics.Cook, JL
Jul-1959Some aspects of thermal neutron diffusion in non-uniform temperature moderator.Thompson, JJ
Jul-1985Some atmospheric dispersion, wind and temperature statistics from Jervis Bay, Australian Capital Territory, 1972 to 1974.Clark, GH
Dec-1957Some design data for gamma shielding in N.S.W.Ebeling, DR
May-1973Some geometrical properties of packing of equal spheres in cylindrical vessels, Part V - adaption of model to packings in cylindrical vessels.Tingate, GA
Apr-1970Some geometrical properties of packings of equal spheres in cylindrical vessels, Part I - exploratory study of random packings in small vessels.Tingate, GA
Jan-1970Some geometrical properties of packings of equal spheres in cylindrical vessels, Part III - basic model away from the influence of wall effects.Ridgway, NW; Tingate, GA
Oct-1971Some geometrical properties of packings of equal spheres in cylindrical vessels, Part IV - extension of model to outer region of semi-infinite vessel with plane wall.Tingate, GA
Oct-1968Some iterative methods for solving the matrix equation Ax=b.Doherty, G
Oct-1958Some major design parameters for the HTGC reactor project.Roberts, WH
Oct-1985Some meteorological parameters for atmospheric dispersion modelling at Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia, 1975 to 1983.Clark, GH
Aug-1973Some x-ray and neutron measurements on the dense plasma focus.Hogg, GR; Tendys, J
1-Jan-2012Sorption of U(VI) at the TiO2–water interface: An in situ vibrational spectroscopic studyMuller, K; Foerstendorf, H; Meusel, T; Brendler, V; Lefevre, G; Comarmond, M J; Payne, T E
May-2008Source apportionment of ambient volatile organic compounds in major cities in Australia by positive matrix factorisation.Chan, AYC; Christensen, E; Golding, G; King, GF; Gore, W; Cohen, DD; Hawas, O; Stelcer, E; Simpson, R; Denison, L; Wong, N
2011Source apportionment of PM2.5 at two receptor sites in Brisbane, Australia, Environ Chem, 8 (2011) 569-580Friend, AJ; Ayoko, GA; Stelcer, E; Cohen, D
Jul-2008Source identification and source apportionment of air pollution Aeolian dust: its potential role as a carrier of terrestrial salt in Australia.Friend, AJ; Ayoko, GA; Stelcer, E
Mar-2008Source selectivity: an assessment of volcanic glass sources in the southern Primorye region, Far East Russia.Doelman, T; Torrence, R; Popov, V; Ionescu, M; Kluyev, N; Sleptsov, I; Pantyukhina, I; White, P; Clements, M
Jan-1987Source term and behavioural parameters for a postulated HIFAR loss-of-coolant accident.May, FG
Showing results 2310 to 2329 of 2778
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